Save Our Setters, Inc.

BEAUMONT, at the tender age of three years, has a back injury resulting in paralysis of his hindquarters.  The x-rays show that two vertabrae are mashed together, and the disk between them is gone.  The fact that he has sensation in both rear legs gives us some hope that he can be cured.

BEAUMONT's assessment at NC State called for intensive physical therapy.  BEAUMONT is now being fostered in the Knoxville area and has begun therapy at UT for an initial period of two weeks with reassessment to follow.  BEAUMONT sends his thanks (and wet, sloppy kisses) to several donors who want to see BEAUMONT back on his feet again!!

UPDATE:  BEAUMONT is now walking 30 yards with NO assistance, so he has come a long way!  He is recumbent, meaning he still needs help getting up.  It is decision time on Monday.  Can he stay another week for more treatment, or must he leave UTK due to lack of financial support?  The cost for one more week is $730.

UPDATE:  BEAUMONT was a bad boy.  Following his morning therapy, he was crated, laying down on his right side.  When his food was brought a short time later, he was STANDING in his crate!!  YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!  He will be continuing therapy at his foster home following his discharge on Monday.

WOW!  Look at BEAUMONT standing and walking!  He certainly looks a lot happier in these pictures than he did in the pictures shown above!!  All this was made possible because of his many sponsors.  BEAUMONT says "Thanks for caring!!"
Letter from Beaumont:

Hi, my name is Beau.  I am about three years old and my foster Mom keeps telling me how handsome I am... I think she is right!!  I can be hard-headed, but I am told that is the Irish Setter in me!   When I came to SOS, I could not walk.  I had sores on my chest and hips because I had to scoot to get around.  The wonderful people at SOS got me into a great foster home and took me to a hospital where they worked with me and helped me to walk again.  While I am still weak, I can now walk!!!  I want to run and play so bad, but my foster Mom tells me to take it easy so I don't hurt myself again.  I do get some supervised play with one of my foster brothers.  It sure feels good to play again!

Letter from foster mom:

When Beau was surrendered to SOS, he came to our home until he could be evaluated for rehab.  Beau fit into our home just fine.  Our dogs accepted him and his disability without question.  Beau is great with the dogs and cats.  He is a little curious of our rabbit, however.  We did see a little bit of separation anxiety, but that seems to be settling down the more comfortable he is in our home. 

When he first came to me, he could not walk at all.  He had no control over his bladder or bowels due to his injury, so we had a lot of accidents.  Leaving him for rehab treatment was hard.  He looked so sad and he was raw with sores.  We went back two weeks later and it was like they brought us a whole new dog!!!  He was walking!  He was still a bit unsteady, but walking.  It was a very emotional moment for all.  More importantly, Beau looked happy.  Oh, he always had a great spirit, but with that spirit was pure happiness!! 

I brought him back home on April 3.  I have a list of exercises to help continue to strengthen his legs and muscles.  He still scoots some, but that is because he is trying to get his footing.  He has not had one accident in the house.   Alex, our 9 month old Golden Retriever, has decided to make Beau his very own playmate.  We allow supervised play and both dogs are doing very well with their limited play.  Beau got so excited tonight that he actually did a little dance for us.  It was hysterical!!  Beau's future is looking bright, but there are no promises that he will ever be 100%.  However, from how Beau was when I first met him compared to how he is less than one month later, I have a lot of faith in this boy!!  He is one very special boy who deserves the best family ever!!

UPDATE 4/11/06:  BEAUMONT is now dancing for his dinner, and can even do stairs.  While he still has a ways to go, we are amazed at how far he has come in just a month's time!

UPDATE 6/19/06:  We are now walking about 5 miles a day.  Okay...  I'M walking about 5 miles... BEAUMONT is walking, trotting, running, leaping, dancing, and making a mad dash for the pond!!  He is doing stairs pretty well, though not graceful.  He can now sit properly, and is getting better at squating to poop and hike his leg for peeing.  We are so very proud of BEAUMONT!!  Without a doubt, it's the best $4000+ we've ever spent!