Save Our Setters, Inc.
Shelter Dogs & Owner Surrenders
We strive to help with every request to help Irish, Gordon, and Irish Red & White Setters we receive!  To help us help you better, please have the following items available when you contact us:

Pictures of the dog
Pedigree (if available)
Registration papers (if available)
Vet records

Owner surrenders will need to complete an Owner Release.  Email us at for the form.

Shelters:  Email us the list of documents you require.  We'll be happy to provide them!
BEFORE you contact us:

Please consult the family.  Make sure the family is in agreement!

If you have advertised the dog, cancel the ad.

If you bought the dog from a breeder, check the contract.  Reputable breeders require the dog be returned to them.

If you are blessed with family and friends who love dogs, check with them first.  In many cases, they would love to have your pooch!

To help ALL rescues, please contact ONE rescue at a time and wait up to 24 hours for the response.  This will help prevent the wasting of valuable time, and will save on telephone bills as well.

Do your research and ask questions!!  Not all rescues embrace the same high standards as SOS, and envy can cause them to make up stories to discredit SOS.  We are proud of and publish the names of our board members. Fancy titles mean nothing - look at the reputation!!!!!  Ask for local references including veterinarians as well as licensures.  We are always happy to provide this information.

Check to find out more about the rescue you select, past accomplishments, and so forth.  Look at how long they have been in existence and compare this to the number of animals served.  This will give you a good indication of commitment to the breed.
AFTER we commit to taking your Setter:

Please understand that it takes time to figure out what foster homes in your area are open to your dog.  Not all foster homes can deal with puppies, escape artists, or special needs dogs!  Same day service is possible, but not likely.

Let other rescues you have contacted know that you have found a place for your Setter to go.  That will save them time, energy, and resources, and may even allow for them to take another Setter in need in place of your Setter!

Stick with the plan!!  Making arrangements for each and every intake takes a minimum of two hours - many take much longer!  In many cases, the volunteers cancel engagements or rearrange their schedules to accommodate your Setter.  There is nothing more frustrating to us than to hear that little Bobby can't bear to part with his buddy or that your daughter's boyfriend's stepfather wants the dog - after we have set up five volunteers to help transport, two temporary overnight homes for the trip, a long term foster home suited to deal with your particular dog's issues, and the veterinary appointment!!!!

SOS will advise you of the name of the person who will be making the arrangements on behalf of your Setter.  Confirm that this is the person with whom you are speaking.  Other rescue folks have been known to falsely claim they are with SOS.

Rest assured that in nearly every case your Setter will be living in a foster home as a member of the family.  We do not utilize boarding kennels.  We encourage communication between the foster and the owner, so you can keep abreast of your Setter's progress!!
Other considerations:

We are Setter Rescue.  We believe those that bring a litter into this world are responsible for the puppies for their entire lives, even if the owner bred with the intent of keeping a puppy, but the dog didn't understand she should have a litter of only one puppy.

We are Setter Rescue.  We are not here to take your senior dog off your hands just because you can't bear to help your life-long companion to the Bridge.  Your dog trusts you to take care of him/her, which includes making the tough decisions based on the advice of your veterinarian.  We will hold your hand and comfort you through this tough time, but we will not relieve you of your responsibilities to your Setter.
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