Border Collie - Deceased
Great Pyrenees - Still
Fighting to Survive

"So far in this case we have gotten six dogs off the property. Four of which had to be humanely euthanized.  We have also gotten four baby Barbados lambs, one of which died later that night.

The first day of this case the owners of the animals were cooperating somewhat with our investigation.

The second day the DA refused to see or talk with us about this case. Instead we were instructed to go to local law enforcement. We met local law enforcement at investigation site. We were told by one officer that "Angel" the Great Pyrenees shown above "looked a little skinny, and had a little bit of hair missing off the tail". This same officer also stated "there's nothing wrong with the goats". As far as these officers were concerned there was not a problem with the condition of any the animals on the property.  We felt our investigation was greatly hindered by these two officers.

Third day we were informed that law enforcement went back out to the investigation site, looked around and left saying "It's not worth even making a report about". Saturday night the owners agreed to meet us and relinquish Angel to us.

Fourth day we took Angel to the vet with two other dogs from this case. They are a male Dachshund  named Chance and a female Shih Tzu mix named Hope."
Rescues are often asked why some cruelty cases are pursued while others are not.  The answer is simple - not all law enforcement officers and/or District Attorneys are willing to do anything.  The "Good Ol' Boy" system is alive and well in many areas.  We even know of some law enforcement officers who not only run breeding operations, but also violate the laws concerning animal welfare that they are sworn to uphold. 

Outraged?  You should be!!  These are elected officials, so do your part at the polls to make sure that the laws of your community are enforced!!