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This page was last updated on: April 13, 2014
Prior to now, there have been few options for Setters who, due to health reasons or age, have been deemed unadoptable or less desireable.  The lucky ones won the hearts of a club member and were taken in.  The less fortunate ones were euthanized long before their time.  Save Our Setters found this to be completely unacceptable, and decided to do something about it.

Save Our Setters is proud to be the ONLY Irish Setter Rescue Organization that is providing official hospice/retirement homes to the Setters who have a lot of life and love left in them, but may not be candidates for placement in forever homes.   We could have taken the easy road and euthanized them, but that is so unfair to these special kids who could have weeks, months, or even several years yet to live!!!!!!

Some of the special kids have cancer or other life-threatening issues, while others simply are older Setters.  We offer retirement homes to aging Irish Setters who have nowhere else to go.  Please email us to inquire about our affordable retirement home option for the  "Senior Setterzens".  Please note that we do not accept Setters simply as a convenience for the owners who would rather not deal with the issues that some older dogs endure.

We will continue to provide this alternative as long as our generous donors choose to support these special kids.  Won't you please take a minute and let us know you appreciate our efforts with a donation?

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SADIE has subvalvular aortic stenosis.  According to Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, "subvalvular aortic stenosis is a common congenital heart defect in dogs. Narrowing of the ventricular outflow tract results in ventricular hypertrophy with severity related to the degree of stenosis. Many canine breeds have been affected; a genetic mode of inheritance is documented or suspected in several breeds." [emphasis added]  (  It is not surprising that SADIE came to us from a shelter in the heart of puppymill country.

According to BABY SADIE's veterinary cardiologist, her gradient pressure increased to 80mm Hg (severe stenosis), and is deemed untreatable and unadoptable.  BABY SADIE will have a home with Shelly and Save Our Setters for as long as her quality of life remains good.  Won't you consider helping SOS provide for her needs?
SADIE's Heroes: Cynthia Rasey, Debbie Chiu, Sandi & Rog Bailey, Alex & Kelli Smith,  Toby's Natural Pets, Phyllis Limmer, Winged Woman Designs (, Jim Sheerin, Joyce Bamman (in memory of Joni), Shelly Smith, Tracy Phillips
SASSY is deemed unadoptable.  She has Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis.  SAS is deemed severe when the gradient pressure is 80mm Hg.  SASSY's gradient pressure is in the moderate to severe range.

SASSY, like BABY SADIE and BABY IKE, came to us from a shelter in the heart of puppymill country.  Since many defects are inherited, we have been working with Central Missouri Humane and Missouri Department of Agriculture to ensure that the breeder stops producing litters with genetic defects.  SASSY is in very good hands, and we couldn't be happier!!  She will remain in hospice care with Lin, a nurse in NE.
SASSY's Heroes: Pamela Miller (in loving memory of BELLA), Lin Klein, Pamela Miller (in loving memory of VECTIS)
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MICHAELA was found wandering the woods in central Alabama.  She was very thin, and had significant muscle atrophy.  Upon examination, she was found to have thickening of the joints which made it difficult for her to run.  She also was found to have a grade IV/VI heart murmur, which didn't help matters considering she was trying to survive by hunting for food.  The severe matting of her hair underneath was undoubtedly quite painful when she would try to open up her stride.  It would not have been too much longer before this sweet girl starved to death, or became a meal for some other animal.

There is also a mass on her leg that might be a simple lipoma, or could be something far worse.  Investigating the mass further is way down on the list, as she simply is not a candidate for any anesthetic procedures at this time.  Perhaps a few months down the road, she will be doing well enough to be deemed adoptable.  If not, MICHAELA will have a home with Save Our Setters for as long as her quality of life remains good.  Won't you consider helping SOS provide for her needs?
MICHAELA's Heroes: Licks from PADDY, JESSIE, and KAYLA Reback; Deb Smith (in honor of CLOUD); Denise Spracklen (in honor of CLOUD); BELLE Meek; RONAN and ROSIE Kmonicek; The Rasey family
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